Name Reservation

We Offer Reliable Business Name Reservation in Georgia

Over 1.1 million businesses are registered in Georgia, which is constantly increasing with lucrative tax advantages and a highly competitive labor market. If you have got a business name, we can help you protect it with professional business name reservations in Georgia.

Why is Name Reservation Vital for Your Business?

It is the name which sets every business apart from each other. While hundreds of businesses are registered In the USA every day, it is vital to reserve your business name, even if you are planning to operate in the meantime. Business Formation R US helps you with professional business name reservation services. By reserving the name, we protect your business from potential legal disputes and infringement issues.

Consult now and create your business assets without fear of losing your brand!

Our Streamlined Approach to Name Reservation

Are you looking to reserve a business name in Georgia? If you are unfamiliar with state regulations and compliance, it might be a little tough for you. At Business Formation R US, we understand the importance of having unique and meaningful names for businesses. We have developed a quick and easy approach that makes business name reservations easy.
Comprehensive Name Search
We use advanced tools and an extensive database to examine existing business names and shortlist a unique name that is not registered with the Georgia Secretary of State.
Customized Suggestions & Feedback
Our experts can help you finalize a unique brand name based on your industry, target audience and niche to give your business a unique experience.
Effortless Reservation Process
Georgia Secretary of State handles all LLC naming requests and applications. Right from documentation to registration, we take care of the entire process.

What Trust Us For Business Name Reservation In Georgia?

The 3rd most common habitat for Fortune 500 Companies, Georgia offers excellent tax advantages, labor support and affordable real estate. As a trusted name for Georgia Secretary of State business registration, we help businesses at every stage of name registration. The following qualities make us a preferred choice.
15 Years of Experience
We are well versed in rules and regulations regarding name registration in Georgia. From searching and examining for existence to registration, count on our 15-years legacy.
In-house Legal Team
Forming a business is a multi-step process and our experienced legal team is always ready to navigate you throughout the documentation and submission process.
Competitive Pricing
Business Formation R US allows you to find and reserve a desired business name at a minimal fee and uncompromised support.
Ongoing Support
Whether it's just an idea or a well-established business, we are always here to support businesses with all types of filing and registration services in Georgia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I search and reserve My Georgia LLC Name?

Just call Business Formation R US and we will do it for you, right from searching to registration with the Georgia Secretary of State.

Are the specific naming rules for businesses in Georgia?

Every entity has to follow a set of general naming rules in the USA.

Can I change the name of the business?

Yes, you just need to file an amendment to your articles of incorporation that we will file at the time of LLC registration in Georgia.

Can I operate under a different name than my legal name?

If you want to conduct business under a different name, we can help you do it by filing a Fictitious Business Name.

Is the Georgia Agency responsible for managing and registering my business name and LLC?

Businesses are incorporated by the Georgia Secretary of State and your agent acts as a liaison between both.

Ready to Reserve Your Future Business Name in Georgia?